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Dive in Dialogue is a project co-financed by Erasmus + funds aimed at promoting the Dialogic Gatherings in Europe and beyond. The Dialogic Gatherings (DG) are one of the six Successful Educational Actions identified by INCLUD-ED research (financed by FP6 of the EC and coordinated by CREA) as the best actions to ensure educational success and social inclusion in Europe. A Dialogic Gathering is an educative and cultural activity where people get together to create knowledge and meaning about the best universal cultural and scientific knowledge. This is an open space providing the scientific knowledge with evidence of social impact and educative resources to implement Dialogic Gatherings about the best universal works in Literature, Music, Art, Science and Mathematics. Find out more about the project here.

Meet our consortium

Coordination: CREA

Partners: RIC Novomesto, KMOP, ESHA, National Roma Centrum

Learn about DGs

The Dive in Dialogue project will elaborate a series of five mini-tutorial videos that will explain in a didactic and accessible way the fundamental steps to make Dialogic Gatherings in Art, Music, Literature, Science and Mathematics.

An open-access interactive Ebook will be available in this section. The Ebook will present the origins of Dialogic Gatherings, its scientific basis, the seven principles underpinning the praxis, the possible types of Dialogic Gatherings and instruments for monitoring them.

Implement alone or with colleagues worldwide

Database of resources

Here you will be able to find open access resources to organise Dialogic Gatherings. This database will contain some of the best universal works of Music, Literature, Art, Science and Mathematics. It will be searchable in five languages: English, Greek, Slovenian, Macedonian and Hungarian.

Community of practise

The project will create in this space a virtual community where transnational Dialogic Gatherings can be organised and developed. It will also be a platform for working together and sharing resources, experiences and materials.

Project: DIVE-IN-DIALOGUE. Diversity and Inclusion through Dialogic Gatherings (2022-2024)

Project number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000032739

The project is co-funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union

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